Lugar Center Intern Wins EPA Video Contest!

May 6, 2010

The Environmental Protection Agency hosted a video contest with the theme “Our Planet, Our Stuff and Our Choice” in February. The winners were announced yesterday, and the Lugar Center Graduate Intern, Courtney Thornberry and her husband, Chris Thornberry’s entry was awarded the top prize out of 250 entries. Chris is a law student at IU School of Law- Indianapolis. He also owns a production company in Carmel, Green Sky Media. Courtney is a graduate student in Technology, who does research in the Lugar Center labs on fuel cells, as well as interns for the Lugar Center.

The rules of the contest were to create a video that helped to make people aware of the connection between the stuff people use, consume, recycle or throw away and the impact that has on the environment, community and planet. Courtney and Chris took the unique approach of looking at the energy that goes into creating disposable materials and equating that to power usage. By recycling materials, energy is saved that would otherwise be used to create new products.

Watch the commercial here:

Read about the contest and view other winning entries at the Our Planet, Our Stuff and Our Choice Contest website


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